More information about dustin padgetts online crimes

Dustin uses his Sports Announcer job to scam around $23,000

Summer of 2018 Dustin Padgett landed a job announcing baseball games for a  California new network.  Dustin this represented his job online as if he was a "partner" and needed around $23,000  for new camera equipment.  Dustin allowed private investors to access his work account for "proof" of his sports announcing partnership.

Listen to a short clip of Dustin describing this $23,000 loan.  I've shortened the audio recording for the investors privacy.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6gwEOrdIDE

General Online Scams

Dustin can be found almost every night attempting to scam people out of poker chips and other online currency that is nonrecoverable.  Dustin has been doing this since at least 2007 and is still very active today.
2007 Example, 2013 Example, 2014 Example, 2015 Example

Around 2016 Dustin graduated to larger scale online crimes.  His syndicate started hacking, buying and stealing online trader accounts from LocalBitcoins and Paxful.  These boosted accounts would be used to sell stolen Paypal, Netspend and other accounts funds.  Each account would be used to steal between $10,000-$120,000.  LocalBitcoins profile example.  Paxful example.

Extortion, SWATTING, Intimidating, and Drugs

Around 2016 Dustin Padgett found out how profitable it is to extort people online.  Dustin threatens to contact victims family members with false information IF the victim doesn't pay a certain sum of money.  Dustin also threatens people with SWATTING if they don't pay a fee.

We also believe Dustin is behind an email campaign that threatened to release computer history to family and work associates.  This campaign netted over $13,000.

Independent sources also claim that Dustin is involved in the drug trade in the Sacramento, California area.  He purchase drugs with stolen currencies and sells for the drugs for cash locally.


Dustin Padgett is the perfect example of what a "confidence man" is in 2018.  

**Dustin very often impersonates people in order to socially engineer his victims.**  

Dustin also befriends people and then takes advantage of their trust however possible.  After scamming a target, he often tells the victim that they will be repaid... this is an absolute lie and is used to "stay friends" with the victim.  Listen to him describe paying himself to appear like other people in order to gain the confidence of other victims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdpswUD1RjQ

Visit my Youtube channel to hear more of Dustin's own confessions: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCadl1jReEkvHjC0WUqDdqyA

We strongly recommend avoiding Dustin at ALL cost... personally and professionally. 

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